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Our workshops do not just give students exclusive access behind the scenes of Australia’s voice over and commercial radio industries. They offer practical tools for business success and strategies to identify purpose, combat insecurity and dream big.

A collaboration of high profile station managers, breakfast announcers, award-winning copywriters, music directors and voice over artists this side of town. Impressive mentoring programs, practical tools for killer productivity, endless resources and information that will change the way young adults pursue ‘creative industries’ forever.

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The workshop

We all have an inherent purpose. The biggest challenge in life is to recognize and acknowledge the signs and be bold enough to celebrate it. To view challenge as opportunity for growth, individuality as brilliance, and mindfulness as a powerful tool that fuels confidence and self-worth.


Media, Business + Personal Development

DAY 1.

Day 1 inspires students to explore these dynamic industries

Module 1 Includes:

  • Nathan & Nat’s virtual tour of Nova 93.7
  • Exclusive interview with Nova’s Assistant Program Director, David McClung
  • Interview with Triple M Sydney’s Program Director, Leigh Kuhlman
  • Interview with Paul Cook, Manager with the Southern Cross Network in WA

DAY 2.

Day 2 encourages students to pursue creativity with a business mindset and build a lucrative career in the ARTS

Creative Business Development

Who are we and how do we identify, communicate and pursue our bliss? Module 3 will give students the tools they need to explore who they want to become. Strategies they can apply to every situation, across any industry, in any role, throughout all stages of their life. We explore the link between physical and mental health and why taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is essential for happiness and big business.


Daily Grind ?

“Bec O’Farrell undertook MEDIA training at the Central College in Perth during 1999. Of the 36 students in my class with the potential to build a broadcasting career, I would rank Rebecca as the most likely to succeed. She has a brilliant voice, maturity beyond her years, a realistic view of the media, and an excellent work ethic.”

Marc Lansdorp / Lecturer – CMC, 1999


I’m Bec,

The entire bottom floor of my childhood home in Brisbane was Gemsound Recording Studio. It was during the 80’s when reel to reel was hot, equipment cost six figures, and there were no loops or pre-produced material available online. Gemsound was a brilliant collaboration of singers, songwriters, musicians, voice over artists, creative directors and producers all working together under one roof. Clients paid top dollar for tailor-made jingles, and I witnessed what would literally make history in the recording industry.

I’ve always been a creative person. Unfortunately, creativity was not always valued (particularly in primary school) and with such an emphasis on academics, I spent most of my early school years feeling isolated and disconnected from those around me. Always underachieving and desperately trying to find avenues to express myself. The school curriculum became a breeding ground for self-esteem issues, lack of direction and confidence in my ability to shine. Now, as an adult, I embrace my colour and honour it by learning to communicate my ideas in the business world.

Since those early days immersed in my Father’s commercial recording studio, I’ve spent 20 years behind the mic, engrossed in copy, managing national marketing campaigns and voicing for bigwigs like Coca-Cola, Commonwealth Bank, Australian Cricketers’ Association, Channel 9 & BHP. I’m also that annoying voice you’ll hear every time you call our very own Amazon Australia. Yipeeeee! From Breakfast Announcer with WA regional networks to the fast-paced world of marketing and promotions for Perth’s 96fm and Nova.

After years of hard-core training in the trenches and learning how to master gruelling interviews for fiercely competitive roles, I set sail and built a successful voice over and media business, Noise and Colour …

Business bloomed

I’ve streamlined key strategies and formulas to support the financial success of my own creative journey, enabling me to turn my bliss into dollars and creating a process I could teach to others. Thankfully, education is changing and #thenextgeneration do not need to choose between doing what they love and putting food on the table. I am proof of this.


See you on the dancefloor you big creative genius

I’m Carmen,

Born & raised in the hills of Perth, Carmen Braidwood is a media professional with 17 years’ experience in commercial radio. Carmen is the current host of Weekend Breakfast on 882 6PR, as well as hosting 96fm’s breakfast show, from 2011 to 2017. She is also a familiar face to Perth TV viewers, as a regular contributor to Nine News panel segment, The Pulse and has appeared as a presenter on Destination WA, Great Winter Escapes, Today Tonight and many more.

In radio, she’s worked as a presenter, producer, program manager and newsreader for most of the country’s major media companies – in a career that’s taken her to from the Goldfields of WA to Regional Victoria and to the beaches of Queensland’s Gold Coast.

After graduating from the Perth-based Academy of Radio and cutting her teeth as a talkback producer at 882 6PR, Carmen took up work as a music presenter in regional WA, with stints at 97.3 Coast FM in Mandurah and at 6KG Kalgoorlie, where she also carried out commercial production and copywriting duties.

In 2003, after providing holiday cover to then 6KG Breakfast show host, Steve Mills, Carmen was offered a position as co-host of the Ace Radio Network’s Mixx FM Breakfast show in Colac, regional Victoria. In this role, Carmen grew the single city show to a syndicated, network program which was relayed to 4 additional radio markets, taking in much of regional Victoria.

It was also during this time that she completed the AFTRS Program Director’s course and was promoted to the additional role of Program Manager of 3CS/Mixx FM Colac and later, Warrnambool’s 3YB and Coast FM.

The network breakfast show enjoyed a run of success at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards winning Carmen a total of 4 ACRAs, including back to back “Best On Air Team” gongs for herself and co-host Grant Johnstone, and an over-all nod for Innovation and Excellence, thanks to the WAN-casting tech employed to affordably syndicate their show around the Ace Radio Network.

After 5 years in Victoria, Carmen returned to Perth where she returned to an executive producing role on the Em & Wippa Show for the then Austereo Network and reading news on Mix 94.5 & 92.9.

Carmen followed her love of news presenting to a network news position at Gold Coast radio stations 90.9 Sea FM and 92.5 Gold FM. It was there that she worked for long serving 96fm Program Director, Brad McNally who invited her to return to her home city as part of his re-launch of 96fm in 2011 – a move that contributed to 96fm reclaiming its spot as number 1 Perth radio station in the Australian radio ratings of 2012.

At 96fm, Carmen appeared as Newsreader and Co-host on several weekday breakfast line ups, including The Ugly Phil Show, Blackers, Carmen & Fitzi, and later after ARN’s purchase of the station in 2015, Carmen & Fitzi.

Today, in addition to freelance work across radio and TV, Carmen is in demand as a corporate MC, having partnered with The City of Perth, City of Armadale, Shinju Mat Suri Festival and many more.

She lectures first and second year radio students at TAFE and serves as Media Patron at All Saints College, Perth.

She’s also a dedicated blogger, a proud step-mum and considers herself an unofficial ambassador for her much-loved home state of WA.


Crib Creative, Mill Point Road

Jemena, Bringing Energy to Life

GRACE, Always More Campaign

If you have a young person who . . .

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  • has a creative spark with business potential
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