Inspires students to explore career opportunities
in the Australian MEDIA

Exclusive interviews including:

  • Nathan & Nat’s virtual tour of Nova 93.7
  • Nova’s Assistant Program Director, David McClung
  • Triple M Sydney’s Program Director, Leigh Kuhlman
  • Paul Cook, Manager with the Southern Cross Network in WA
  • LIVE Q+A sessions with professional voiceover artists


  • Different mediums that require voice over
  • Categories and guide to style
  • National and international markets
  • Tips and tricks for voice optimisation
  • The ART of inflection (hands-on training)
  • Mastering directed phone sessions with production
    companies and branding agencies
  • How to charge – a guide to rates
  • Basic editing principles (hands-on training/Adobe Audition)
  • Software requirements
  • Building a simple but effective home studio
    (advice on equipment)
  • Streamlining administration for business
    (effective systems for maximum productivity)
  • Finding your niche
  • How to market yourself (material and communication)
  • Producing a demo from scratch including a guide to
    mentors and Perth studio production packages

Commercial Radio Includes:

  • Guide to Australian study (current courses on offer)
  • Australian Networks (station map guides)
  • Community vs commercial
  • The big business of radio. Who owns what?
  • Capital city vs regional
  • Programming (local vs network)
  • Radio imaging
  • Demos. Guide to content, length and production
    including studio contacts and resources
  • Job roles within a radio station
  • Target demographics
  • Survey promotions
  • Idea to execution. The process of creating on-air content
  • Music programming
  • Want in? Pursuing a career in commercial radio


Encourages students to pursue creativity with a business mindset. The ultimate guide to finding purpose and pursuing adulthood with confidence, consistency and self-worth.

Creative Business Development

Who are we and how do we identify, communicate and pursue our bliss? Module 3 will give students the tools they need to explore who they want to become. Strategies they can apply to every situation, across any industry, in any role, throughout all stages of their life. We explore the link between physical and mental health and why taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is essential for happiness and big business. The best part? We offer real-life examples every step of the way.

Content Includes:

  • The giant brainstorm; getting your goals on paper
  • Consistency in business
  • Batching tasks for maximum productivity
  • Creating the ultimate routine
  • The art of scheduling
  • The power of HABIT
  • How to create success without overtime

This workshop also includes an entire toolbox of strategies. These have been carefully and particularly designed for the young, creative brain and include:

  • Integrating daily systems for creativity, clarity and purpose
  • Templates for goal setting (with real-life examples)
  • Relative income vs absolute income
  • Eustress vs distress
  • Tools for processing past experiences and living mindfully
  • Understanding self-sabotage to overcome fear, doubt and hesitation
  • How to leverage your strengths
  • Living above the line. How to take responsibility for your life
  • How to shift perspective through daily gratitude
  • The power of  affirmations, harnessing the science behind meditation, and the benefits of exercise


$450 +GST (event catered)


$450 + GST (event catered)

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