One of the biggest challenges beyond school is freedom. Yep, it’s a beautiful thing, but if you don’t have a healthy respect for it, it’ll slip through your sweaty palms like stardust. If you do not take ownership of your life and value the time you’ve been given, you’ll wake up in your mid 40’s with three kids, a huge mortgage, a dog that gets no attention and a degree in unhappiness. You’ll be hating on the world for stealing your identity, making you tired, stressed, belonging to everyone but yourself and outrageously overcommitted to a calendar full of social events you don’t even want to attend with people who irritate you.


It’s your life.

This concept is ridiculously simple but gets hopelessly lost in transit. Sad, because it’s one of the most potent truths you’ll take into life beyond the bell. For 10 or more years, we’re on someone else’s watch. We’re graded, assessed, told what to submit, what to wear and where to be when. And if we don’t come to the party? Well, there are consequences.

Doesn’t sound like much of a party to me

Here’s the thing. You’re part of a system that is exposing you to the value of time. That sense of accomplishment when you hand in an assignment (on time) or put the last full-stop on an exam paper. A system that is preparing you for the undeniable FACT that regardless of whether you pursue medicine or pro surfing, you need a MASTERS in discipline, consistency and productivity to live the life you want.

Great, so I’ll never escape the grind?

Sure will.

You have to learn to separate the ‘system’ from the ‘school work.’

‘Structure’ is not to be confused with unglorified pursuits, algebra, long-winded essays or the study of rocks (unless you want it to be). Structure is merely a foundation. A launching pad or safety net to keep you grounded, in control and consistently kicking goals towards your personal journey to success.

Imagine your life is a giant book. The cover your routine (daily rituals & habit), the pages your schedule, and the text your story. No cover and the pages eventually come loose. Life becomes scattered, and you spend so much time and energy trying to piece it all back together that there is no time left to live. Together, they bind each other, hold each other together and leave you with more time and space to fill the pages.

I’m kinda getting it

You’re on track, kicking goals and everything’s going to plan. Out of nowhere, a storm hits (a challenge). When the weather clears, you’re miles from home. Surrounded by bushland, no sign of the track, no compass, no water not even snapchat. No idea how snapchat works but I’m assuming it’s something you’d need in an emergency.

Routine and schedule provide an inner compass for life. They bring clarity, calm, direction and security to an otherwise tumultuous ride. They’re the launching pad for your dreams, an anchor to hold onto when the seas get rough and a fail-proof system to keep you focused and on point. Life’s full of surprises and distractions. You can’t escape that. But imagine if you had a fortress in place that could protect you from the storm? An internal compass to guide you back to your roots. Having nothing to hold everything together is a guaranteed one-way ticket to no man’s land on a bike without a seat.

You get my drift.

This concept goes against the grain. It’s a new way of thinking but the more ‘structure’ you take with you into all aspects of adult life, the more freedom you’ll have to be yourself and pursue the things you were born to accomplish.

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