We dream big. We’re colourful, feel things deeply, struggle to calm our brilliant minds, and even though our ideas are show-stoppingly fabulous, they can sometimes prevent us from being present, getting to know ourselves and stopping long enough to make sure we’re okay.

For us, it’s not as simple as getting a degree and applying for a job. We have to shine. We have to shine brighter than all the other stars, put all of our colourful madness out on the table and hope someone snaps it up.

It can be terrifying, but ironically, it’s that willingness to shed your outer layer, that will lead you to your bliss.

It’s vital to ‘check in’ with yourself. Make a conscious note of how you’re feeling, especially leading up to an audition or a job interview. Are your thoughts encouraging you or blending you into a nervous pulp?

That inner dialogue that says ‘put your pen down, press stop, take off your dancing shoes, put your script through the shredder, drop the mic and just go home.’ One rough day and we tell ourselves we’re no match. We take on shadow careers and leave our dreams for the dust.

There are things you can introduce to everyday life that will close the door on negative chat and give you the confidence to stick to your guns. The Noise & Colour 2-day workshop will take you there.

Remember, self-esteem or lack of comes with the territory. It’s part of the payoff. You will at times feel defeated, but the real test is what you do with it. Use it as fuel, challenge it, pull it to pieces and rebuild an indestructible inner fortress.



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